Volumes and Monographs

Rieck and others, Foreign Family Laws, edited and partly written by Jürgen Rieck, CH Beck Munich, actual status (19th edition) 2019,

Containing: German International Family and Familyprocess Law 2012, and the reports on the Family Laws of:

Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Danmark, England and Wales, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungaria, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Litania, Luxemburg, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Swizzerland, Serbia, Slovaquia, Slovenia, Spain, Thailand, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine and the USA namely the state family laws of: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

Hope seen under Law, in Blonski, Hope in advanced Age, Mabuse Printer; Frankfurt a.M. 2018.

Rieck/Zingraf, Adoption of Adults with Tax Laws, Cases and Drafts, CH Beck München 2011.

Brand and others, Form Book for International and European Process Laws, Part Family Law 2011.

Schulz/Hauss, Manual Family Law, 3rd edition, Nomos 2017, comments to the Ordinance Brussels IIa written by Rieck.

Rieck, Islamic Antenuptials, Information of the Bundesverwaltungsamt, Cologne, 2011.

Rieck, Marital Property Laws and Marital Agreements throughout Europe, Information of Bundesverwaltungsamt, Cologne, 2016.

Al-Sultan/Rieck, International Marriages, Piper SP 1762, 1994.


Seniors from Germany in New Zealand, NZFam 2019, 159 – 166.

Seniors from Germany in the Philippines, NZFam 2019, 199-206.

Seniors from Germany in Thailand, NZFam 2018, 1068 – 1075.

Seniors from Germany in Canada Part III, NZFam 2018, 585 – 592.

Seniors from Germany in Canada Part. Il, NZFam 2018, 198 to 205.

Seniors from Germany in Canada Part I, NZFam 2018, 155 to 161.

Seniors from Germany in Italy, NZFam 2018, 102 to 108.

Seniors from Germany n Spain, NZFam 2018, 56 to 61.

Seniors from Germany in South Africa, NZFam 2017, 1033 to 1038.

Seniors from Germany in Portugal, NZFam 2017, 633 bis 638;

Seniors from Germany in Switzerland, NZFam 2017, 585 bis 591;

Seniors from Germany in the United States of America, NZFam 2017, 448 bis 453.

Seniors from Germany in France, NZFam 2017, 390 bis 395.

Operation Problems of the Bruxels IIa Ordinance, Reporting Book covering the Meeting of Information at the Heidelberg University of 16.09.2016, Edited by Pfeiffer, Wittmann, Escher, Nomos,2018.

Marriage Contracts and Partnership Contracts under the Ordinances of the EU (property, maintenance, divorce, succession), NJW 2016, 3755.

The marital settlement and the EEC Regulations, NZFam 2016, 1138.

Islam and civil status in Germany, Leipziger Scripts of Oriental Studies, Vol. No. 34: Islamic Law XI 2016 p. 89.

Family law mandates with foreign participation, NJW 2016, 2010.

BREXIT – Legal consequences in Family and Succession laws, NZFam 2016, 878.

Child allowances and support for children living abroad, NJW 2014 p. 1905

Rules for the choice of laws and risks thereof when making marital agreements, NJW 2014 p. 257 - 263.

Claim for and enforcement of maintenance and support under the rules of the EuUnthVO und the Protocole of the Hague Nr. 39, FamR 2013 p. 558.

The Handling of Foreign Entitlements in Proceedings of Compensation (Versorgungsausgleich), FPR 2011 p. 498.

Rieck/Lange, Values of Process under the FamGKG, NJW 2009 p. 3334.

Scope of Choices of Names for Children of Persons with Double Nationalities or Germans living in other EEC Member States , FPR 2010 p. 7.

Child Abduction and the Concurrences between the Haague Convention and the Rules of the EheEuGVVO 2003, NJW 2008 p. 182 - 185.

Marriage Settlements according to § 630 ZPO and their Acknowledgment and Execution under the EheEuGVVO 2003, FPR 2007 p. 425 - 427.

Legal Competency for the Conversion of Legal Separations into Divorce under article 5 EheEuGVVO 2003 and other Rules of Competency in matrimonial matters, FPR 2007 p. 427 - 431.

Divorces with foreign Parties, FPR 2007 p. 253;

Law Rules and Conflict of Rules in Child Abduction Cases, FPR 2001 p. 183 - 189;

The influence of Islam on Antenuptials with non islamic Partners, Leipziger Scripts of Oriental Studies, Vol. No. 9: Islamic Law 2000 p. 69.

Gutdeutsch/Rieck, Child Abduction, forbidden abroad but permitted at home? For the analogy of the Haague Convention in national Matters, FamRZ 1998 p. 1488;

The legal Status of Cherokee and Navajo in the USA, StAZ 1998 p. 279.

Custody and Contact througout EEC Member States, StAZ 1995 p. 358.

Peru, Adoption of Minors with Translation; StAZ 1993, S. 398-401.

Paraguay, Divorce Law, Introduction and Translation, StAZ 1992, S. 153-155.

Italy, New Law on Citizenship, Introduction and Translation, StAZ 1992 S. 188 bis 191.

Comments to Court Decisions

Superior Court of Düsseldorf 1-13 VA 6/16 346 E 3-11.905/15 no recognition of a divorce b< talaq, NZFam 2018, 709.

Superior Court of Munich, 34 Wx 146/14 of 13.3.2018: No recognition 0f a divorce by talaq, NZFam 2018, 276.

EuGH Recognition of a private divorce made before a religious Instance in a third World Country, NZFam 2018, 126 to 130.

Federal Court of Finances, Paying of Child Allowances into other EU Countries, NZFam 2016, 1044.

Intentional foist a child – Equalization of pension rights partly excluded, NZFam 2015, 972.

Competency of the Court first called under the EuEheVO, EuGH C-489/14 (A/B) v. 6.10.2015, NJW 2015 S. 3776ff.

No automatic Renvoi of the laws of India while the other spouse continues to live in India, OLG Frankfurt/Main 4 UF 149/08 v. 28.09.12, FamR 2013 S. 118.

Threat of suicide a serious danger when handing back a child, OLG Hamm, II-11 UF 85/12 of 6, 28th 2012, FamFR 2012 p. 429.

Decision on Access to Files of third Persons is not an administrative Decision of the Justice Department, OLG Celle, 10 UF 283/11 FamR 2012, 64.

Admissibility of the Contestation of international Competency of German Courts in Appeal, OLG Hamm 8 UF 98/10 v. 02.02.2011, FamR 2011, 480.

How to qualify in Germany the same Sex Marriage of a German National entered abroad, OLG Munich 31 Wx 103/11 v. 06.07.2011, FamR 2011, 382.

Enforceability of Foreign Support Orders, BGH XII ZB 156/09 v. 02.03.2011, FamR 2011, 205.

Influence of Community Rules on national Rules of Custody when bringing a Cild into another Country, EuGH C-490/10 PPU vom 5.10.2010, FamR 2010, 576.

Consideration of Allowances under SGB II for the definition of the Values of Divorce Prosesses, OLG Celle 15 WF 215/10 v. 01.09.2010 FamR 2010, 471.

Imposition of regulatory Penalties against the Father who has abducted his child inspite of a deviating decision of the Court of another State, OLG Nürnberg 11 WF 522/10 v. 12.07.2010 FamR 2010, 404.

Erforceability of a turkish Decree on Separate Maintenance, BGH XII ZB 193/07 v. 24.3.10, FamR 2010, 276.

Detention Order as Security of Back Shifting of a Third Country National who has entered FRG through another EEC Memberstate, BGH V ZB 172/09 v. 25.02.2010 FamR 2010, 191.

International Competence of Courts of different EEC Member States for conflicting Custody Proceedings, EuGH C- 403/09 v. 23.12.2009, FamR 2010, 166.

Foreign Maintenance Award why not to be recognize because of Public Order of process Law, (contempt of court), BGH XII ZB 50/06 v. 02.09.09 FamR 2010, 150.

Residency based on Community Law for Parents even not working, EuGH C- 480/08 v. 23.02.2010, FamR 2010, 144.

Liberty, Parental Rights and Wellbeing of the Child, (AG Bensheim 72 F 223/08 SO; Superior Court Francfort/Main 6 WF 138/08) ZKJ 2009, 165-167.

Recognition of Family Names in EEC Member States, NJW 2009, 125-129 (EuGH C- 353/06 of 10.14. 2008 (Grunkin-Paul).

Multiple nationalities and competences of Courts in EEC Member States, FamR 2009, 32 (EuGH C- 168/08 of 07. 16. 09).

New Expedited Preliminary Rules of the Court of the European Communities, NJW 2008 S. 2958-2962 (EuGH C-195/08 of.11.7.2008) (Enforcement of custody decisions, Lituania).

Expert Opinions

Waiver of Support, Exclusion of the Equalisation of Pension Rights and separate Property undr rman and Austrian Law (private) Legal consequences of a religious marriage ein Germany (Administration 2017.)

Libanese paternity laws (Court 2017).

Succession where the spouses made a marrtiage contract and have chosen communauté générale with attribution favoring the surviving spouse, (private 2015).

Choice of Law by Election of Separate Property in Italy during the Ceremony of Marriage and Registration by the Civil Officer, (private 2012).

The valitiy of a marriage concluded in a christian church at Abu Dhabi for Germany, Ireland and Abu Dhabi (private 2012).

Recognition and Dissolution of a Marriage celebrated under the Rites of Hinduism by a German and his Indian Girl in India (Court 2011).

Legal competency of German Courts for singular family matters for Germans not living in an EU Member State (private). Laws applicable, local proceedings and German competency (private 2008)

How to make a Will and testament by a German under Sharia law in the VAE (private 2008).

Whether the process rules of Florida provide for a rule similar to § 87 German Code of civil Procedure, continuing power of attorney unless revoked by client and not levied by a decision of the Court (Court 2007).

Contracts to the benefit of third parties /banking Agreements under Spanish Law (private 2006).

Recognition in Germany of customary mariages (urf) concluded in Jordania (Court 2006).


Practical Problems of the Brüssel IIaVO, University of Heidelberg, 2016.

Islam and civil status in Germany, annual meeting of GAIR Göttingen, October 2015.

European Marriage Law and Marriage Contacts, meeting of EURES, Frankfort/Main, 2014.

How to understand and how to be understood, Academy of Social Medicine, Hanover, 2012.

Liberty and Islam, ASZ Munich-Obermenzing, 2012.

Handling of Private International Law in the daily Practice, GJI Summer (August 2012).

Inportant News and Advices for the Handling of Islamic Rules in Marital Agreements, September 2011 at Hamburg (Raphaelswerk);

Islam and Law, November 2011, (Council of Judges, Local Court of Munich).

Sprinkling of books

Hausmann, International and European Divorce Law, CH Beck,2013, FPR 2013, 400.

Vomberg/Nehls, Legal Problems of International Child Abduction, FPR 2003, 463.

Rohe, Islam, Conflicts indaily Practise and Solution, StAZ 1991, S. 324.

Work in Progress

Rieck and others, Foreign Family Laws, 20th Edition, End of 2020.

Other treatises Seniors from Germany in …

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